You’re not depressed...yet. 5 Signs You Should Take A Day Off

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Something seems off but you can't quiet put your finger on it. Here are 5 signs you are overdue for some me-time.


Sign #1- You’re moody 

It seems like your emotions are all over the place lately. And I’m not just talking about the typical my-period-must-be-on-the-way mood swings. You mostly bob in and out of sadness, anger, sleepiness, irritability, and only feeling contentment when you are alone...or asleep. It’s completely normal to experience a wide range of emotions (yes, even on a daily basis), but if you find your self feeling more “grumpy” feelings than “happy” feelings, it may be time for you to take a day off to rest.


Sign #2- Your work life is your life

Listen, being ambitious is fine, being overwhelmed is not. If you’ve become so engulfed with work that your entire day, week, month (aka your life!) is filled with work related to-do lists and overdue’s definitely time for you to take a break. Balance is key! Work can and probably will always be a stressor (hopefully in a healthy way) but having hobbies, interests, and relationships that are completely unrelated to your day job makes work related stress easier to manage.


Sign #3-You have no idea what day it is...

Or what time you’re supposed to meet with your boss about that project coming up. Oh yeah, what exactly are you supposed to do again? And what’s  the deadline?... do you see where I’m going here? Or are you triggered and slightly experiencing an anxiety attack? 

Feeling stretched thin is definitely a sign you’re committing to more than you can handle. If you are struggling to stay organized and present during tasks it’s most likely because you don’t have a good enough handle on things. Which means you need to take a break, rest, reset, and re-ground yourself.


Sign #4-You have nothing to look forward too

We all have moments in our lives when we just feel lame af. And that’s fine! Spending a few weekends inside and alone is not a bad thing, unless it’s the only thing you do. I know with the number of COVID-19 cases rising it can be hard to make plans but there are so many online/virtual alternatives. The issue here isn’t about finding something to do, it’s about finding the strength to be interested. If you notice that your days feel uneventful, gray AND you don’t have any interest or motivation to change that you should definitely take a day off and DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR YOUR MIND, BODY, AND SOUL. 


Sign #5-You’re looking for signs to validate your desire for a break

If you’re here reading this, agreeing and relating then chile go right ahead and take a damn break! Because at the end of everyday it’s FUCK THAT JOB, respectfully. If you die tomorrow I promise you that company won’t think twice about finding your replacement. Unfortunately a lot of workplaces don’t prioritize mental well-being. Your boss has their own shit to worry about. As do you. So do yourself a favor and call off. 


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