Single and Sexless Series: Physical Touch Love Language Hacks

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For your pandemic blues.

Hack #1
I personally used to HATE yoga. I hated how long the entire practice/process felt but since 2020 has been a year of isolation yoga has become my go-to cure. As someone whose primary love language is physical touch, yoga has been a great alternative to hugs, cuddles, and sex. Hear me out- science says all of those cozy touches-like hugs and cuddles-actually send happy signals to the brain which then releases even more happy chemicals into your body. So that cozy, close, connected feeling you get when someone you care about caresses your back or cuddles you is valid! Yoga for me is another opportunity to experience those feelings while grounding my anxious mind BECAUSE I’m experiencing sensations in my body through mindful breathing and deep stretches.
Hack #2
Warm Socks
There's a lot of different ways you can achieve what I like to call the “Warm Sock” method. The goal is to warm up your feet (obviously right?) but in a way that does not require you to touch your feet. Why? Because we are creating the illusion of being touched by someone else. So boom, you could 1) heat your socks in the dryer before wearing them, 2) stuff those small hand warmers in your socks while wearing them, or 3) place a floor heater in front of your feet while sitting or laying down. I prefer method 3 because it's the easiest, and if my feet get too hot all I have to do is change positions.
Hack #3
Big Thick Blankets
Since we all finna be stuck in the house until March you might as well invest in some good heavy, warm, high-quality blankets. Having different textures is great for two reasons 1) Issa look. #DecorOverDior 2) it feels really good against your skin. I have a soft plush blanket and chile it's become my best friend. It's soft, warm, and reliable..unlike my toxic ex-boyfriend. 

Hack #4
The Attractive Stranger 
 We all have that one favorite celebrity we fantasize about and because they are far far away from us... We let our minds create all kinds of what-if realities (and positions). But have you ever made eye contact with an attractive stranger in the middle of Target? No, like...on purpose. At the same time. Without shyly looking away? (Be careful a sexy gaze can quickly turn into a crazy stare). Here’s the benefit of risking your pride. When you make eye contact with someone you are subconsciously picking up on all of their body language and pheromones. Your heart rate and breathing begin to sync with theirs. So even though you may not be physically connecting or close, your body is still experiencing the sensations. 

2020 has revealed so many illusions, but maybe it’s time to have a little fun creating one that feels good.🔞


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