Does He Really Like Me? Dating During A Pandemic

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Who knew cuffin’ season would be 90% virtual. Covid-19 may have stopped a lot of things but what Ms. Rona won't do is steal our joy. Dating is complicated. Dating in the middle of a pandemic is a whole new story. So here's a quick guide to answer your burning questions like “Does he really like me?”, “How soon is too soon to meet up?”, and “Can I still have sex during the coronavirus pandemic?”


Can I still have sex during the coronavirus pandemic?

The short answer is yes. There isn't a law that says you can't have sex. However, there are precautions you should take to protect yourself and others. If this is a new partner you should most definitely be wearing a condom. A lot of clinics are only focusing on patients who have been exposed to Covid-19 or are at high risk. This means you may have to wait longer than usual to get tested and/or receive antibiotics. Do your vagina a favor and wear a condom. Secondly, let's remember this mantra ”stranger danger”. Your new potential partner(s) may be asymptomatic (basically this means he/she/they may have the virus but aren't necessarily showing symptoms). You may be asymptomatic. There is no real way to know unless you both agree to get a Covid-19 test and quarantine for 14 days BEFORE you bust it open.


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How soon is too soon to meet up?

Assuming you've both been following the social distancing regulations in your county, COVID-19 free, and have the same intentions for the meet up (maybe you just want coffee but they want some coochie… verify sis) then you can meet up as soon as you feel safe enough. Keyword SAFE. Let's not forget that online dating is still dangerous and we should all be vigilant when dating online. It's 2020 so the stigma of meeting someone online isn't as negative  as it was in the ’90, but still, everybody isn't a safe human. Be wise.


If you are talking to someone online and they are rushing you to meet up or being super pushy report their account in the app.

Does he really like me or…?

Or is he just looking for sex? Or is he just lonely? Or is he just bored and wasting time? Well, welcome to dating in 2020. Honestly, you can never be too sure. There are so many factors to consider. However, what you should always remember is that effort is worth more than any good morning text or late-night FaceTime call. If you are giving more effort than she/he/they are then that's a sign that the relationship may not be mutual. Talk to your partner about what's making you feel undervalued and discuss possible solutions TOGETHER.


Remember to be responsible in these streets and in the sheets. Wear a mask and wear a condom. Like Weezy said, safe sex is the best sex cause you don’t wanna... wake up with an STD, unplanned pregnancy, or Covid-19. 


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